About kimihana


Kimihana is a creatrix and collector of found things in the forms of bones, crystals, metals, roots, and flowers, which she weaves into wearable medicines. Her work is crafted with intention and power to nurture and assist your journey on this Earth.

Astro Talismanic jewellery. Stones and stars converge at cunningly selected times to imbue planetary presence into the earth’s substance. Due to the often narrow windows of time when planetary presence is potent, the talismanic jewellery range is a rare but growing collection. Commissions are highly recommended.

Herbalism. After spending a significant amount of time and currently living in the native New Zealand forests learning about all the unique the native New Zealand flora and Rongoa Maori (traditional Maori medicine), Kimihana began making her own unique blend of organic, wild harvested, ethical products, including herbal oils, natural balms, smudge sticks, bath salts, and more.

Intuitive healing. As an empath, reiki practictioner, holistic bodywork practitioner, and intuitive healer Kimihana offers private healing sessions to re-align, clear, and transform energy. Offerings of a one-hour healing session not including a consult first so each session is unique. Starting with an energy clearing, also sound healing, essential oils, and the power of crystals that were no mystery to ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, Mayans, and Sumerians, who regularly adorned their bodies with these sacred stones. Want to book a session? Email here: kimihanaarts@gmail.com

Wellness mentor. Offering one on one support on your journey forward. Assisting with many tools to empower you on your Earth walk. Ranging from nutrition, relationship advice, sexuality, spirituality, meditation, intuition, as well as grief and loss. See your world through new eyes and begin to work through the different obscurities you face by getting clear on what you want, looking deeply at why you are and where you are, shifting your mindset into one that is more empowering and self-loving. Receive guidance on exactly what you need to make desired changes in life. Through connection with your inner truth and your own inner guidance, you will find a deeper meaning and connection with the Divine oneness. Feel exclusively supported and empowered. Lets talk! With Skype sessions. Over a cup of tea. Or Lets walk and talk! With local guided walks through the native bush lands of the Waitakere Ranges, NZ. Inquire about a topic to discuss. email here first: kimihanaarts@gmail.com

Commissions are most welcome and encouraged.

For inspiration and more resources see: Rubedo Press , Sphere+Sundry , New Paradigm Astrology, Mystic Mamma